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Our objective is to design, develop, implement, and maintain business computer systems utilizing advanced information technology solutions in concert with other creative IT professionals.

In particular Midrange Support Group is rich in understanding all aspects of the IBM Midrange platform as expressed today in the IBMi (formerly known as eServer iSeries or AS/400).  This includes both applications and systems architecture.

Technical support is offered on a per-incident or a retainer basis with an option of 24/7 escalated support for shops that require 100% up time.

Orders for Technical Support Service Contracts can be placed through our on-line store.

Operating Systems
-- OS/400 (V7R5 and all earlier versions)
-- LPAR and non-LPAR), SSP, DB2, Windows 2000 (server and client), Windows NT4.0 (server and
    client), Windows 11, 10, 7, XP, 98, 95, 3.1, LINUX (Red Hat 9.0; Fedora)

Development Languages
-- RPG/400 (ILE), CLP, Perl, Basic, Query, DBU, SQL, PDM, and SDA

Data Communications
-- WAN and LAN design and deployment
-- Ethernet and Token Ring LAN design and implementation topologies
-- TCP/IP routed network solutions including deployment of segment switches, routers and firewalls
-- SNA circuit-switched WAN and LAN technologies including switch and circuit procurement
-- Advanced messaging products including MQ for iSeries 5250 emulation
    (TN5250e, SNA LU6.2, and TDLC-Twinax)
-- ODBC and DRDA connectivity

High Availability (Disaster Recovery)
-- Working knowledge and experience in the design, implementation and management
    of a high availability environment
-- Working knowledge of the top tier replication vendor packages (Mimix, Datamirror, iTera)
-- Practical knowledge in the development and implementation of realistic disaster recovery capabilities
    involving geographically disperesed scenarios within multiple system environments

File Transfer and Data Exchange
--  SSH/sFTP, FTP, SNA/LU6.2, TCP/IP, SAMBA on Linux, ETU

Client/Server Connectivity
-- Broad range of knowledge in the use and deployment of desktop connectivity solutions including
   TN5250e device emulations for TCP/IP environments and legacy SNA environments with traditional
    PU/LU configuration environments

-- Thorough working knowledge of IBM I/AS400 including LPAR system consolidations and single
    system configurations
-- Complete working knowledge, down to component level, of current desktop systems

-- Help/Systems Automated Operations Products including: Robot/SCHEDULE®, Robot/CONSOLE® and Robot/ALERT®
-- IBM client products:  Access Client Solution, Operations Navigator, Client Access Express, and iSeries Access
-- Various PC products including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc.

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